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Landfill Situation Update for October 13

There are 12 landfill sites in Tennessee that are permitted that could potentially take the solid waste that is coming into Middle Point. However, there are hurdles each would have to overcome in order to be an alternative site for the 34 counties that are currently dumping in Rutherford County.

A recent article from the Tennessee Lookout discussed the landfill in Maury County and how it could potentially accept some of the waste that is coming to Rutherford County.

Based on the engineering reports at TDEC, Middle Point is supposed to close in 5 years. I had been informed that an expansion hearing would be heard this week, but that appears not to be the case. I’ve been told that, at this point, there is no timeline for when that hearing might take place, and that there will be more of a focus on the federal lawsuit.

Last month, I met with Governor Lee again about the solid waste issues. He and his administration have been made aware of the issues in Rutherford County, the looming problem and the need for an alternative site.

With a huge budget surplus for next year, I’ve suggested utilizing those funds to find a more suitable location for a landfill than our county.

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