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Representative Bud Hulsey Named Vice-Chairman of State Government Committee


Representative Bud Hulsey Officially Sworn In; Appointed Vice-Chairman of State Government Committee


(NASHVILLE) — The House of Representatives officially gaveled into session last week in Nashville, marking the beginning of the 110th General Assembly. As part of the opening day ceremonies, State Representative Bud Hulsey (R–Kingsport) took the oath of office and was officially sworn into the Tennessee House of Representatives for a second term.

As part of the organizational session, Representative Hulsey was appointed as Vice-Chairman of the House State Government Committee by Speaker Beth Harwell. The State Government Committee considers legislation regarding state government operations and reform, with a wide degree of impact on state governmental affairs.

Along with serving as Vice-Chairman, Representative Hulsey will also serve as a member of the House State Government Subcommittee and the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee.

This year, legislators are looking to build upon the success of the previous session, continuing to trim excess government spending, lower taxes and taking other measures to encourage continuing job growth in the State.

“I am truly honored to serve as Vice-Chairman of the House State Government Committee and look forward to work the coming days,” Representative Hulsey said. “Our community sent me here to support policies that will strengthen our economy and produce better job opportunities, ensure our budget remains balanced, and fight government waste. Today, I am proud to continue serving my constituents by doing just that,”

House Speaker Beth Harwell (R–Nashville) added, “The people have placed their trust in us because of dedicated public servants like Representative Hulsey whom they know will lead based upon the commonsense, conservative values of our state. I look forward to working with him to accomplish a great deal on behalf of all Tennesseans this year.”


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