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State Rep. Dan Howell works to improve transportation for disabled and aging

State Rep. Dan Howell introduces legislation to improve transportation for disabled and aging

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) State Rep. Dan Howell, R-Cleveland, today announced legislation aimed at improving transportation options for the disabled and aging populations across the state.

Howell introduced the Tennessee Accessible Transportation and Mobility Act of 2020 (HB1596/SB1612) which would create an office within the Tennessee Department of Transportation dedicated to expanding and improving accessible transportation.

“Public transportation allows people to get to the doctor, work, visit family or friends and improves quality of life overall,” Howell said. “But accessible transportation is the number one barrier keeping our disabled and aging population from being more active in their communities; with this legislation we’ll work to remove those barriers.”

Public transportation is a challenge in certain areas across the state and especially difficult to access for the disabled and aging, Howell said. If the Tennessee Accessible Transportation and Mobility Act of 2020 becomes law, it will require the new office to identify and work to eliminate those barriers.

The goal is to give as much access to public transportation as possible so the elderly and disabled can be out in the community, engaged and living more productive lives, Howell said.

The Tennessee Accessible Transportation and Mobility Act of 2020 has bipartisan support in the General Assembly.  State Rep. Darren Jernigan, D-Old Hickory cosponsors the bill.

“The Tennessee Accessible Transportation and Mobility Act is a first of its kind idea in the United States that will be an incredible step forward for people with disabilities and their access to transportation. Accessible transportation can provide a level of independence and a quality of life that may lead to education opportunities, employment, home ownership, to full incorporation into all levels of society. I’m very proud to co-sponsor this legislation with Chairman Howell,” said State Rep. Darren Jernigan, D-Old Hickory.

For full details of House Bill 1596 visit here.

Dan Howell represents House District 22. He is the chairman of the Transportation committee. He also serves on the Judiciary Committee, Select Committee on Rules, Government Operations Committee, Safety & funding Subcommittee, Infrastructure Subcommittee, Civil Justice Subcommittee, and the Joint Government Operations Commerce, Labor, Transportation and Agriculture Subcommittee.


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