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Special Session 2021

1. LITERACY - HB 7002 ● What is it? Reading ability and literacy levels are fundamental benchmarks of education. Only ⅓ of Tennessee 3rd graders are on reading level. This legislation aims to improve the amount of Tennessee students on reading level by focusing on a fundamental of reading: phonics (method of teaching to read based on sounding out words,…

Rep. Bryan Terry begins session with district debriefing with Gov. Bill Lee

On January 12, legislators were sworn in to office for the 112th Tennessee General Assembly.  During his tenure, Rep. Bryan Terry, MD (R-Murfreesboro) has taken the opportunity to engage Governors Bill Haslam and Bill Lee in pre-session discussions that he refers to as a District Debriefing.  Following the swearing in ceremony, Terry met with Gov.…

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