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Jobs & Economy

The economy cannot succeed until government steps out of the way and allows businesses to grow and start hiring people again. Jobs have to come first, and our state must continue its efforts to protect job-creators from excessive taxation, unnecessary regulation, and predatory legal practices. Simply put, a healthier business climate attracts more employers to our state and increases the standard of living for both workers and their families.


While the Republican legislature has made many great strides in the last few years to reduce our state’s tax burden, there remains room for even deeper tax cuts to help expedite the economic recovery. Tennesseans work hard for the money they earn, and they should be entitled to keep more of it. When the government takes money out of individuals’ pockets, it does so at the expense of all working men and women and the entire private economy as a whole. Further reducing taxes will not only give small businesses more money to expand and create new jobs, but it will also allow Tennesseans to afford more of the things they need to provide for themselves and their families.

2nd Amendment

The Bill of Rights expressly guarantees each and every lawful American citizen the right to keep and bear arms. While Tennessee has made many strides to further protect gun owners, President Obama’s administration has actively sought to strip law-abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights and, consequently, of the most effective means for self-defense. Regardless of the attempts to restrict gun rights by overzealous Washington politicians, the House Republican Caucus will continue to protect and expand the right to keep and bear arms for law-abiding Tennesseans.

Latest Bills & Accomplishments

Human Life Protection Act

Tennessee has the Human Life Protection Act or the “trigger bill”. This bill prohibits abortions in this state, with the exception of medical emergencies as discussed below, effective on the 30th day after the earlier of: a judgment by the U.S. Supreme Court such that a prohibition on abortion by the states would be permissible;…

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Business & Economy

HB 2148: Establishes the Tennessee Center for Nursing Advancement within East Tennessee State University. This bill requires the center to develop a strategic statewide plan for nursing manpower based on a detailed analysis of workforce needs. This center’s goal is to lessen the gap for nurses in the workforce. HB 2146: Establishes a third-party skills…

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Campaign Ethics

Campaign Finance & Ethics Reform Act of 2021:Requires all statewide candidates and Political Action Committees (PACs) to file an itemized report of spending and contributions regardless of dollar amount. Removes the $100 and less exclusion rule for reporting. All political contributions must be reported. Requires reporting for all 10 days before an election of all…

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HB 2530 (Heart to Heart Act): Encourages schools to offer automated external defibrillator device training to school bus drivers. HB 1912: Authorizes LEAs to provide up to two days of the required 180 days of classroom instruction through remote instruction per certain criteria such as:Dangerous or extreme weather, a serious illness outbreak, or end-of-course testing…

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HB 2583: Emotional and mental abuse is added to the criminal code for violations by a child care provider. It is also now a Class E felony for operating a child care facility after your license has been suspended/denied or operating a facility without a license within 10 years of a previous finding by the…

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HB 2661: Establishes the requirement for pharmacies to be reimbursed for at least the actual costs of medicine. Bans pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) from steering customers to pharmacies they own instead of small, locally operated pharmacies. HB 2655: Clarifies that present law authorizing a health care provider to provide telehealth services when acting within the…

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Law & Order

HB 2656 (Truth in Sentencing): Provides certainty to victims of violent crimes that the criminals who victimized them will stay behind bars for the entirety of their sentence. Certain violent offenders will serve 100% of their sentence before release:Attempted first degree murder Second degree murder Vehicular homicide resulting from the driver’s intoxication Aggravated vehicular homicide…

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Right to Work

For 75 years, Right-to-Work has been a Tennessee tradition. Being a Right-to-Work state ensures that workers cannot be forced to join a union and pay dues against their will. DC liberals like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer want to ban your right to work so they can force more people to…

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2022-23 Budget

• Tax Cuts ($300M) o $3M – Agriculture machinery & equipment o $121M – License plate renewal fee removed for 1 year o $320K – Gun safes tax-free o $80M – Food sales tax holiday for August o $9.7M – Eliminates doctors from professional privilege tax o $204M – Broadband tax relief 3-year plan •…

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R & D Tax Cut

One of the greatest pleasures as legislators is seeing the hard-earned money of Tennesseans staying in their pockets. Every year, our mission is to not only try to not raise taxes but actively seek ways in which we can lower them. House Bill 2144 reflects that mission. This bill permits businesses to deduct related research…

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