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2022-23 Budget

Tax Cuts ($300M)
o $3M – Agriculture machinery & equipment
o $121M – License plate renewal fee removed for 1 year
o $320K – Gun safes tax-free
o $80M – Food sales tax holiday for August
o $9.7M – Eliminates doctors from professional privilege tax
o $204M – Broadband tax relief 3-year plan
Grants/Salary Investments
o $1M – Senior center improvements
o $5M – Volunteer fire department equipment and supplies
o $2M – Rescue squads
o $124.7M – Teacher raises
o $4.7M – State Trooper and commissioned law enforcement raises
o $500M- Career & Technical Education grants for public schools
§ 281 high schools with $1M, 408 schools with $500K, & 70 schools with $200K
o $25.5M – Summer learning camps for COVID-19 learning loss
Economic Development
o $1.5M – Launch TN entrepreneur and mentor centers
o $18 M- Tennessee Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Hub at UT Martin
o $500M – Bond for Titans stadium and downtown improvements
o $878M – Blue Oval development and area infrastructure (reflects 2021 appropriation)
o $33.8M – TN Foster’s Hope Program including child care vouchers for foster/adopted children
o $9.7M – Department of Children Services case managers’ salary increases to decrease caseloads
o $5M – Children Advocacy Centers for child abuse victims
Law & Order
o Funds Truth in Sentencing: requires violent crime offenders to serve 100% of their sentence
o $16M – 100 new TN Highway Patrol positions
o $179M – Constructs TN Advanced Communications Network for emergency communication
o $4.2M – Increases human trafficking investigation positions
o Correctional facility officer salaries become the highest in the Southeast by raising existing
salaries & raising starting salary to $44,500
Military & Veterans
o $800K – Military behavioral health centers
o $150K – Outpatient mental health services
o $3M – Tennessee National Guard tuition reimbursement
Elderly & Disabled
o $10.6M – Eliminates OPTIONS waitlist for community living programs
o $49M – Alzheimer’s medication for dually qualified Medicaid and Medicare members
o $19.9M – CHOICES program providing personal care, home-delivered meals, & home services
for elderly/ at risk for nursing homes
o $244M – Renovations and upgrades to state parks
o Up to $20M – Humphreys County flood disaster relief
o Creates Mental Health Treatment Act of 2022 for mental health court treatment programs
o $360K – Gold bullion sales tax removed

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