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  • HB 2530 (Heart to Heart Act): Encourages schools to offer automated external defibrillator device training to school bus drivers.
  • HB 1912: Authorizes LEAs to provide up to two days of the required 180 days of classroom instruction through remote instruction per certain criteria such as:
    • Dangerous or extreme weather, a serious illness outbreak, or end-of-course testing for non-testing students.
  • HB 2742: Requires that high school students be taught about the virtues of capitalism and the constitutional republic form of government in the United States and Tennessee, as compared to other political and economic systems such as communism and socialism, as part of the social studies curriculum.
  • HB 2710: Authorizes the governing board for each public institution of higher education to classify a veteran or military-affiliated individual as a Tennessee resident for tuition purposes if the veteran or military-affiliated individual is enrolled in the institution and resides outside of this state.
  • HB 0006: The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) is to establish a four-year pilot program that awards grants to Tennessee Promise scholarship students who are eligible for and are receiving services as part of the college coaching initiative delivered by partnering organizations and who have an immediate financial need or who are experiencing financial hardships that may prevent the student from completing a postsecondary degree or credential.
  • HB 1899: Authorizes a teacher with a valid temporary teaching permit to receive a practitioner license for the course or subject area for which the temporary permit was issued if the teacher satisfies certain requirements
  • Appropriations:
    • $500M- Career & Technical Education grants for public schools
      • 281 high schools with $1M, 408 schools with $500K, & 70 schools with $200K
    • $25.5M – Summer learning camps for COVID-19 learning loss
    • Funding for High Education includes expanding the HOPE scholarship award to $2,200 per student, per semester through the student’s sophomore year, and to $2,850 per semester beginning junior year.
    • Expands the TN Promise Scholarship to students who graduate early or obtain a GED diploma.
    • Funding for TCATs to have more robust security on campuses.
    • $3 million to continue tuition reimbursement for eligible members of the Tennessee National Guard.

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