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COVID-19 Special Session: Safeguarding the Constitutional Rights and Liberties of Tennesseans

Vaccine mandates outlawed Government entities shall not mandate a person receive a COVID-19 vaccine or mandate a private business or school to require proof of vaccination to access the business facilities or services. A private business, government entity, school, or local education agency cannot compel proof of COVID-19 vaccination or take adverse action against…

COVID Special Session: Rep. Terry’s Take

While some hold the false and dangerous belief that mandates, and in particular COVID vaccine mandates, provide bulletproof benefits and are without risk to an individual, others, conversely, underestimate the value in prophylactic prevention of  disease while overestimating the risk of that treatment.  Unfortunately, society is often pitted against one another with a false dichotomous…

Rep. Brandon Ogles introduces legislation protecting personal liberties, religious freedom and parental rights

NASHVILLE, TENN. – State Rep. Brandon Ogles, R- Franklin, today announced four key pieces of legislation that will restore parental rights, preserve personal liberty and protect religious freedom during the special extraordinary legislative session beginning today, Oct. 27. Each of the four bills addresses COVID-19 vaccinations. House Bills 9011, 9012, 9013, and 9055 will be considered…

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