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Assistant Majority Leader Ron Gant proposes to make murder of first responder an act of terrorism

NASHVILLE, Tenn.– A bill making its way through the Tennessee General Assembly will add increased protections for first responders and law enforcement.

House Bill 511, sponsored by Assistant Majority Leader Ron Gant, R-Rossville, raises the offense of murdering an on-duty first responder with targeted intent to an act of terrorism.

“We’ve seen an increase in disturbing attacks on first responders and law enforcement who have dedicated their lives to doing a difficult, dangerous and often thankless job to make our communities safer,” Gant said.

“This legislation sends a strong message of support to those brave men and women, but also makes very clear that targeting or killing first responders will not be tolerated and will result in severe punishment.”

As amended, the bill adds new language under the current definition of terrorism that creates new protections for law enforcement, paramedics, firefighters, correctional officers, department of corrections employees, and other emergency medical rescue workers.

If convicted, the perpetrator of such a crime would receive life without parole or the death penalty.

Once signed into law, House Bill 511 would be among the nation’s strongest legislation protecting first responders.

Ron Gant is assistant majority leader for the Tennessee House Republicans. He is a member of the House Finance, Ways, & Means, House Health, and House Local Government Committees, the Cities and Counties Subcommittee and the Joint Fiscal Review Committee. Gant lives in Rossville and represents Tennessee House District 94, which includes Fayette, McNairy, and a portion of Hardeman counties.


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