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Comply Or Be Canceled: The Reality of Critical Race Theory

We are at a crossroads in our country. Too many have stood on the sidelines for too long while we allowed far-left professors, administrators and universities to indoctrinate our nation’s next generation. It’s safe to say Critical Race Theory is the left’s favorite – and most effective – brainwashing strategy. As you read this, woke universities are training their staff to trap our students into an impossible situation. If they choose to give a conflicting opinion, they’re racist. If they decide to stay silent on a class discussion about race, they’re racist. Their only avenue is verbal compliance. So, we have a choice – allow these administrations to box our kids into a universal hivemind of compliance, or take a stand and promote ideas that challenge the status quo and promote open debate.

Critical Race Theory is a Marxist ideology that teaches the only way to rectify previous racial discrimination is to implement racial discrimination today. It’s a flawed ideology which teaches that America – and every American institution – are based on a foundation of racism instead of upon the principles of equality, justice and freedom. Our country is far from a perfect union, but we have never run from our past. Rewriting history, or shaming students of any race or ethnicity for actions they never committed or associating them with a past they never lived, is disgusting and wrong. 

Unfortunately, however, for Austin Peay State University, this isn’t the case. After discovering a textbook titled “Recognizing and Understanding Resistance to Multicultural Training” in their Master of Counseling graduate program, it’s clear that their only definition of a non-racist is someone who verbally agrees with and supports the CRT agenda. Even if a student agrees with CRT, not acknowledging it to the entire class is considered an indictment on their character. Let’s call this out for what it is, a threat to every student who takes part in this graduate program. Either they comply, or they can forget about earing their degree with Austin Peay. This goes beyond unacceptable; this is abhorrent. Tennessee has never run from its history, good and bad, but indoctrinating our students that our state and our nation were founded for the sole purpose of upholding a white supremacist ideology is simply untrue. For Austin Peay State University, the message is simple, comply or be labeled a racist and canceled.

This forced indoctrination doesn’t end here, though. All over the country, Americans are facing down CRT and being given the choice to either accept and apply the principles of Critical Race Theory or find other means of employment. Teachers across the country are teaching students CRT and actively trying to conceal what they are doing from their parents. In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is forcing all city employees into a mandatory critical race theory-inspired training. This training maintains that there is “no scientific basis to race,” and that it was invented to create a system of “exclusion and oppression.”

Those imposing CRT have a singular agenda meant to poison the very foundations of this amazing country. Here’s the truth that the far left and the rest of the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge: Americans, overall, are good people who love this nation and their fellow countrymen, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or religion. We care about other people and strive to treat each other with respect and dignity every day. That’s the conservative message. We strive to see the best in people, not treat them any differently because of “internalized racism” or any other message that forces us to look at other Americans differently because of the color of their skin.

This goes beyond erasing or rewriting historical truths about the United States and our past. This brand of CRT shares an ideology with countless authoritarian regimes that have forced people to comply or face the consequences. People that share this sentiment are competing now to change the platforms of political parties, who in turn can alter the fundamental values of our government, which will change the course of history for our nation. It’s starting in the classrooms our children sit in and is spreading like a disease. We cannot afford to go back to judging our fellow Americans by the color of their skin. We can only move forward by working to improve the content of our own character.

State Representative Scott Cepicky is a mortgage banker and cattle rancher serving the 64th District in the Tennessee State House of Representatives. He is the Chairman of the Education Instruction Sub-Committee.

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