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Rep. Bryan Terry named top legislator for limited government in Tennessee

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – State Rep. Bryan Terry, MD, R-Murfreesboro, has been ranked the top defender of limited government in the Tennessee legislature and earned the Conservative Champion award from the Institute of Legislative Analysis (ILA).  

“I am honored to be named a Champion of Limited Government and to receive the Conservative Champion award,” Terry said. “It’s been said that as government grows, liberty decreases. As a staunch defender of our rights and liberties, the natural course is to fight for a limited government. As such, I’m proud to have played a part in making Tennessee the best-managed state in the country while being the voice of District 48. I will continue working hard for the people of Rutherford County and Tennessee to deliver meaningful results and protect our liberties and control government.”

The ILA analyzed nearly 7,000 total votes to determine how closely lawmakers aligned with the United States Constitution’s principles of limited government, representing the most comprehensive analysis of its kind on the Tennessee legislature. Terry earned the highest limited government rating of any Tennessee House or Senate member while qualifying as a Champion of Limited Government.

“The Institute for Legislative Analysis’s latest research confirms that Representative Bryan Terry’s voting record is the most aligned with the limited government principles of the U.S. Constitution across the entire Tennessee General Assembly,” said ILA CEO Ryan McGowan. “While nearly every Republican campaigns that they will be among the ‘most conservative’ in office, few live up to their promise. For this reason, the ILA has constructed the most comprehensive ratings program to help recognize the lawmakers who actually keep the promises they make. We thank Representative Terry for earning the highest rating in the legislature and are proud to present him the ‘Conservative Champion’ award.”

In addition to earning the Conservative Champion award, Terry was one of several Republican lawmakers to receive the Defender of Limited Government award. To qualify, legislators had to vote at least 80% of the time with limited government principles.

“Tennessee consistently ranks as one of the most conservative and best-managed states in the country. It’s really encouraging to see so many of my colleagues stand for constitutional and limited government principles. I really do appreciate their efforts,” concluded Terry.  

Rep. Bryan Terry represents House District 48, which includes part of Rutherford County.

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