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Rep. Pat Marsh Letter to the District

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving
thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

We adjourned the 112th General Assembly sine die at 3:44 pm on Thursday. We had a long
final calendar with a lot of debate, but we worked hard to get it all completed. One of the biggest
bills we passed was the Governor’s new school funding plan called TISA. This formula gives our
rural schools more funding and the feedback I’ve been receiving is very positive.

All of the state representatives have to be re-elected every 2 years. Several are retiring and
others will face tough primaries/general elections, so the 113th General Assembly will look a lot
different when we come back in January. Any bills that didn’t get passed before we adjourned
will have to start completely from scratch next year. I am running for another 2 year term and I
am blessed not to have an opponent. I will be back in the 62nd district for most of the remainder
of the year attending events and meetings to help move us forward.

Senator Reeves and I asked for and received 2 proclamations this week for 2 special events
that are happening this year. One is for the 100 year anniversary for the Shelbyville Rotary
Club and the second is for the 50th year anniversary of the Community Development Center
(formerly the Child Development Center). Both of these organizations have done great work in
Bedford County for a long time.

Last week, we fulfilled our constitutional duty with the passage of a $52.8 billion balanced
budget for 2022-23 fiscal year. This structurally sound budget includes historic tax cuts totaling
about $300 million. It includes an $80 million month-long sales tax holiday on food in August, as
well as the traditional sales tax holiday on clothing and school supplies before the start of
school. The budget removes the state’s tax portion of license plate registration fees for one
year, a $121 million tax break for every Tennessean who drives a passenger vehicle or
motorcycle. Some other highlights include:
• $3 million recurring tax cut on machinery and equipment to support Tennessee farmers
• Extension of the sales tax exemption on gun safes through June 30, 2023 – $320K
• Exemption of sales tax of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins/bullion – $360K
• Professional Privilege Tax – eliminates taxes on doctors – $9.7 million
• Broadband Tax Credit: Provided for three years at $204 million in tax relief, $68 million
each year for three years to bring as many Tennesseans online as quickly as possible
• Supports small business by reducing tax compliance/remittance costs

• $500 million for Career and Technical Education grants to provide 281 high schools with
$1 million and 408 middle schools with $500K to expand innovative programming.
Several other schools received $200K grants
• HOPE Scholarship awards will increase to $2,200 per student, per semester through the
student’s sophomore year and to $2,850 per semester beginning their junior year
• Computer science and coding available to every Tennessee high school student

Expands the TN Promise Scholarship to students who graduate early or obtain a GED
• $6 million to establish the Institute of American Civics at the University of Tennessee

• Implements Truth in Sentencing ensuring violent offenders serve 100% of sentences
• $355.6 million for a multi-agency law enforcement training academy
• $28.4 million to fully fund the correctional officer salary changes
• $66 million for the TN Law Enforcement Hiring, Training, and Recruitment program
• $179 million to complete construction of Tennessee Advanced Communications Network
coverage, ensuring full mobile connectivity across all Tennessee for emergency
communications and law enforcement
• $100 million to create the Violent Crime Intervention Grant Fund
• Funding additional district attorneys to bring the total to 32
• 100 Tennessee State Troopers, 20 (TBI) agents, and 25 TBI forensic science personnel
• $5 million for volunteer fire department grants/ $2 million for rescue squads
• $1 million for senior centers

• $519 million in new road funding ($77 million for ECD projects included)
• $100 million to complete IMPROVE Act projects

• $25.5 million in dental benefits for adult TennCare enrollees
• $9.7 million to support salary increases for DCS case managers
• $5 million for the health care safety net
• $5 million for the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee
• $1 million for three years to fund the Col. Thomas G Bowden Act – a pilot program for
Alzheimer’s respite care

• $1 million for county and regional fairs
• Making sure that gas taxes paid at marinas fund infrastructure at marinas

I am very proud of this budget and believe it will make positive investments in our state for many
years to come. We also put about $250 million more in our rainy day fund. (Savings account)
I want to thank the Shelbyville Times Gazette and the Elk Valley Times for allowing my weekly
news letters to be published while we are in Legislative Session. It makes me pay closer
attention to what we do up here and I hope it gives the readers a small glimpse of some of the
things that happen while we are in Session.

Even though we are no longer in Session, my assistant, Laura Bond, and I are here to serve
you year round. You can call the office at 615-741-6824 or email [email protected].
It’s an honor to be your state representative and I truly want to thank you for trusting me to serve. I am excited to be coming back next year to represent Bedford, Lincoln, and now Moore Counties.

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