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Representative Vaughan Strengthens Protections For Parents & Children Involved In Custody Cases

(NASHVILLE) — Recently, State Representative Kevin Vaughan (R-Collierville) sponsored passage of legislation that adds additional protections for parents and children involved in violent custody cases.

House Bill 1546 empowers a parent or legal guardian who has been the victim of an attempted murder to petition a judge to terminate parental rights of the individual convicted of the offense.

The measure enhances current protections for children involved in these types of cases. Additionally, it strengthens laws for parents or legal guardians who have survived attempts at their lives while increasing punishment guidelines for presiding judges.

“Too often, we have seen a parent or legal guardian cross a very dangerous line, resulting in the serious injury of their partner or spouse,” said Representative Vaughan. “It is my hope that this measure acts as an additional deterrent in these specific instances while also protecting the safety of our children and surviving parents.”

For more information about House Bill 1546, please click here.

Kevin Vaughan serves as a member of the House Insurance & Banking and the House Business & Utilities Committees. He lives in Collierville and represents House District 95, which includes part of Shelby County. He can be reached by calling (615) 741-1866 or by email at: [email protected].

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