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Speaker Harwell, Northeast Tennessee House Members Advocate for Aerospace Park Project

NASHVILLE – Speaker of the Tennessee House Beth Harwell (R-Nashville) today sent a letter to the members of the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission urging them to seriously consider the Tri-Cities Airport’s Aerospace Park project for a major grant from the state. Speaker Harwell toured the site recently and believes the project will give the region a significant economic boost.

“The Aerospace Park project at the Tri-Cities Airport is an innovative and worthwhile project for these grant funds,” said Speaker Harwell. “I hope the commission will give serious consideration to this project because I believe it will be beneficial for the entire Northeast Tennessee region.”

The Northeast Tennessee delegation in the House of Representatives joined Speaker Harwell in advocating for the project.

“The Aerospace Park is one of the most important ventures to come to Northeast Tennessee in recent years because it will create new economic momentum for our entire region,” said Rep. John Crawford (R- Kingsport). I appreciate Speaker Harwell’s support and look forward to working with her and my Northeast Tennessee colleagues to ensure the success of this critical project.”

“The Aerospace Park project will provide a considerable boost to our local economy here in the Northeast Tennessee region,” said Rep. Bud Hulsey (R-Kingsport). “I am grateful to Speaker Harwell for supporting this critical initiative that will create high paying, high tech jobs that are a perfect fit for many of our residents.”

“My colleagues and I in the House worked diligently during the 2017 legislative session in order to ensure that this pivotal project receives the necessary funding in order to move forward,” said Rep. Timothy Hill (R-Blountville). “I know Speaker Harwell understands and appreciates the important economic impact it will have on our community, and I am thankful for her support.”

“Funding the Aerospace Park project will enable Northeast Tennessee’s economy to experience the type of growth that other parts of our state have seen in recent years,” said Rep. John Holsclaw (R-Elizabethton). “I am honored that Speaker Harwell has pledged her full support and is committed to seeing this project come to fruition.”

“Our region is fortunate to have many residents trained in this industry who are ready to fill the jobs that will be created by this important project,” said Rep. David Hawk (R-Greeneville). “I applaud Speaker Harwell’s efforts to help us make aeronautics expansion in Northeast Tennessee a reality.”

“Funding the Tri-Cities Aerospace Park will help our region be more attractive to companies looking to move to or expand their operations in the great State of Tennessee,” said Rep. Micah Van Huss (R-Gray). “I appreciate Representative Timothy Hill’s leadership and Speaker Harwell’s support in helping us move this important project forward, and I am hopeful that the Aeronautics Commission will make this important investment in our community.”

“I am proud of this excellent team of legislators, including Speaker Harwell, for their dedication to seeing this regional project advance,” said Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough). “The Aerospace Park development is a critical piece to the future of Northeast Tennessee. It will stimulate our local economy and create jobs that will benefit future generations of our residents.”

The Tennessee Aeronautics Commission (TAC) assists with the formulation of relevant policy planning and all proposed changes in the state airport system plan. More information can be found at More information about the Aerospace Park project at Tri-Cities Airport can be found at


 You can read Speaker Harwell’s full letter by clicking here.

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