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Speaker Pro Tem Pat Marsh’s Letter to the District

“Civility is not a weakness; it is a strength.”  – Governor Bill Lee

This past week’s big event was Governor Lee’s State of the State address, which happened Monday night just after our regular floor Session. Governor Lee’s speech lasted for about an hour. It was a moving presentation on all the great things happening in our state. Governor Lee also shared some of his ideas to improve our state. Some of the significant points of interest are: 

  • Investing three billion dollars in our state’s roads
  • $300 million for county roads
  • $350 million increase in K12 education
  • $50 million for school safety 
  • Almost one billion for TCAT colleges (with six new schools across the state)
  • $125 million for teacher salary raises
  • 142 new state troopers will be hired
  • Over $400 million in proposed tax cuts
  • Three months of no taxes on food items -around $300 million in savings for our citizens
  • Cutting approximately $65 million in business taxes
  • $190 investment into the Department of Children’s Services
  • $350 million for our State Park System
  • $250 million into the Rainy-Day Fund
  • All while adding zero new debt

It was an exciting speech that made me proud to be a Tennessean. It’s an honor to be a small part of many of these great achievements. 

The bill filing date was January 31st and there were 1530 bills filed this year. Approximately half will be signed into law. 

We had a presentation by TVA in our Business & Utilities Committee this week. TVA has about 7,000 employees (13,000 retired employees), 153 power generators, and covers most of 7 states. They have control over 170,000 acres of public land & lakes while paying about $350 million in taxes.

On Tuesday, Farm Bureau had their Bell Ringer Luncheon at the Musician Hall of Fame and there were over 600 in attendance. I sat at the table with several Bedford County agents and board members. I also got to visit with the Lincoln County and Moore County groups that attended.  The Farm Bureau does a great job of taking care of our Agricultural initiatives, opportunities, or problems, and they are a great resource for all of us in the legislature. 

Wednesday was UT day on the Hill and they had a huge reception at the Sheraton Hotel. Just about everyone around the Capitol was wearing Orange. Coach Barnes came by the office building for a short visit and Coach Heupel was taking pictures with everyone who wanted one at the reception. 

I usually get out of the office here at the state capitol around noon on Thursday and head back to Shelbyville. I get to spend the weekend at home before I have to return around noon on Monday for leadership meetings. 

I’m honored to serve as your state representative and please call or email if I can ever help. 615-741-6824 [email protected]

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