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State Rep. Bryan Terry’s 2021 legislative highlights

2021 Legislative Highlights | 112th General Assembly

We concluded the first session of the 112th General Assembly May 5.  The session included passage of landmark legislation that supports Tennessee families, strengthens the economy, increases access to health care, reforms criminal justice, protects the Second Amendment and makes historic investments in education.

The year began with the passage of TennCare 3.0 which will allow Tennessee to utilize shared savings to improve access and services.  We then transitioned to a special session focused on improving childhood literacy rates and addressing learning losses Tennessee’s K-12 students suffered because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout the session, we focused on keeping Tennessee one of the most fiscally stable states in the nation while addressing critical needs of constituents.

Key legislation included:

Helping Tennessee Students excel:

  • Increasing transparency for any foreign investment activity on college campuses
  • Expanding access and improving the quality of apprenticeship programs
  • Investing $250 million in the Mental Health Trust Fund
  • Increasing the teacher salary component by $163 million

Strengthening Tennessee families and improving health care:

  • Providing higher education supports for youth aging out of the foster care system
  • Extending coverage for adopted youth to retain TennCare eligibility up to age 18
  • Expanding postpartum care for the TennCare population from 60 days to a full year
  • Reforming the TANF program to promote economic mobility and improve outcomes for recipients
  • Gave Tennessee patients greater access, transparency and more control over prescriptions
  • Established a Medical Cannabis Commission to study the legalization of medical marijuana

Making Tennessee communities safer:

  • Protecting the Second Amendment by extending law-abiding Tennesseans’ constitutional right to carry a handgun
  • Stiffening penalties for criminals who steal or illegally possess firearms

Reforming Criminal Justice:

  • Improving outcomes for formerly incarcerated individuals by increasing transparency in the parole process
  • Enhancing practices that support success post-release
  • Expanding treatment services and community-based supervision for offenders as alternatives to incarceration
  • Truth in sentencing that requires violent criminals and sex offenders serve their full sentences

Investing in Rural Tennessee:

  • Investing $100 million to provide underserved areas with high-speed broadband
  • $100 million for local infrastructure grants

I appreciate the opportunity to serve District 48.  I would, also, like to thank the Tennessee House Republican Caucus team for helping compile and construct this legislative review in order to help inform our district.  If you need any assistance while we are out of session, you can contact my office at 615-741-2180 or via email at [email protected].


With Liberty,

Rep. Bryan Terry

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