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State Rep. Pat Marsh’s Letter to the District

“Nature is the source of all true knowledge.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

The Legislative Session is moving along smoothly and we are getting many bills through committees. You can find a list of my bills and resolutions that I am sponsoring on our website. Go to and find my member page. Once there, click on the “Bill List” box. 

I have had many visitors from the district stop by this past week and we had a lot of good discussions. Chairman Dobee Mallard and general manager Jason Reed from Shelbyville Power and Water came up for their municipal elective power association’s Day on the Hill and reception. We had a very good meeting with the Comptroller’s office and also with the Department of Environment and Conservation and their reception was well attended. 

I want to thank Bell Buckle native Joshua Houston for coming to the Capitol with the Tennessee Auctioneers Association. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Houston and to learn more about the Auctioneers Association. 

Later that day, my sister, Susan Mayfield, and her husband, Mike, from Pulaski, came up to see how business is conducted at the Legislature and they got to visit with several legislators. We went to the TMEPA Legislative Reception Tuesday night and the next morning they got to attend the Agriculture and Natural Resources committee and learn about some of our legislation.

In that committee, we discussed HJR55, which addresses the Cumberland State Scenic Trail. This resolution signifies the imminent completion of their trial. It was started by the General Assembly in 1971 and the state is putting in several million dollars this year for its completion. The 300-mile trail will span 11 counties ( 7 are at-risk counties). The trail stretches from Chattanooga up to the Kentucky border in Claiborne County. This trail will offer some of the most fabulous nature sites in the state and will attract thousands of visitors to establish a tourism corridor that will create recreational, outdoor, and hospitality development opportunities throughout the Cumberland Plateau. 

On Wednesday afternoon we had a large reception for the Tennessee Banker’s Association at the Renaissance Hotel.  Luke Buckley with First Commerce Bank was in attendance and some board members of First Community Bank of Shelbyville.  Gay Dempsey, with the Bank of Lincoln County, was making the rounds visiting with many of the legislators and fellow bankers.  Senator Reeves and I got to go to dinner with First Community Bank CEO, Scott Cocanougher, Board Chairman, Barry Cooper,  and many of their board members where we learned of the many great things happening at the bank.

 There is a resolution to move county primaries to August and county elections to November. Having the federal, state, and local elections on the same day is expected to save the state and local governments money while increasing voter participation.  This will have to be voted on several times at the Legislature and then voted on by all Tennesseans in the next Gubernatorial election as a change to our Constitution.

I’m honored to serve as your state representative and please call or email if I can ever help. 615-741-6824, [email protected]. You are also welcome to come up to the Capitol and stop by my office at 610 in the Cordell Hull building.

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