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State Representative Debra Moody Honors Artist Jean Wheeler For Winning 2017 Tipton County Art Contest

(NASHVILLE) — State Representative Debra Moody (R-Covington) today received Tipton County resident and local artist Jean Wheeler’s artwork “Hedgerow” for display in her Nashville legislative office.

Wheeler was selected as the winner of the Second Annual Tipton County Art Contest last year from a group of artists who submitted renderings which they believe best represented Tipton County.

The painting will now hang in Representative Moody’s office for a period of one year before it goes to the State Museum art collection here in Nashville for a year.  In 2016, Moody proposed the idea of an art contest to constituent Barb McBride who has since organized the annual contest hosted by Representative Moody.

“I want to congratulate Jean for winning last year’s contest and also thank her for providing us with an opportunity to share her beautiful painting with those who stop by our office,” said Representative Moody. “I know her immense talents will better promote our community among the visitors to the Tennessee State Museum next year.”

The 2018 Tipton County Arts Contest, titled “Expression of Joy” reception is April 16th from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at Dyersburg State Community College (DSCC).  Entries will be on display from April 19th through August 10th.  Sponsors for the contest are Representative Debra Moody, DSCC, The Tipton County Museum and The Tipton County Art Council.

Debra Moody serves as Vice Chair of the House Civil Justice Committee. She is also a member of the House Education Administration & Planning Committee, as well as the House Civil Justice Subcommittee. Moody lives in Covington and represents House District 81, which includes Tipton County. She can be reached by email at [email protected] or by calling (615) 741-3774.

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