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The Loop- State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver

My morning began with Coffee Conversations at the Early Bird Café in Hartsville. Carrying a full box of 2022 Tennessee Bluebooks, I was greeted at the door with a “Hello Ms. Weaver” by the owner himself, a big ol’ tall glass of water guy indeed, Randy Beach. He pointed me to the large round cedar table at the far end of his very busy breakfast bistro. The morning welcome, the aroma of biscuits and bacon plus a seat awaiting me at the “truth” table, reminds me once again what a blessing it is to work for and represent the fine folks of the 40th in this small rural world of Tennessee where concerns and issues of the day have a voice.

Budget surpluses, deficits, revenue projections, expenditures, and rainy day funds, currently have the General Assembly weighing out the Governor’s proposed $52.5B budget! Our Constitutional Mission is to Balance the Budget before the General Assembly can conclude the 112th session. Personally, I am very concerned about the $1.5B NEW recurring, dollars designated to education spending for more “programs” that grow government even more. This budget, in my humble opinion, lacks taxpayer cuts, like the elimination of the professional privilege taxes, or something that would bring relief to the high inflation, cost of groceries, and gas! It all boils down to this question: What does one think the role of government should be? A government that is big enough to give you everything is also big enough to take everything away! I hold to the belief of less is more. Less government, more freedom. Less tax, more money in the pocketbook of Tennesseans to invest and drive our economy. Click HERE to read this week’s House of Representatives Weekly Wrap.

One of my favorite resources for Tennessee budget info is The Sycamore Institute. Click HERE for more.

I have placed three bills in the hopper (on notice is the correct language), to be heard in their assigned committees this week. With a large number of teacher shortages throughout our state, Passage of HB1899, HB1900, and HB1901 would help our local schools in a prudent way address teacher shortage, fill the need by placing a permanent teacher in the classroom, plus remove the cost each teacher must pay on the required praxis assessment in order for the educator to be employed. For more information on the 112th General Assembly and legislation being passed, click HERE.


“I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee” written by Karen Staley and performed by Dailey and Vincent passed on the House Floor to be added to a list of official state songs. Representative John Mark Windle and I sponsored this legislation. It’s all about the song!

New district lines have been drawn! Click HERE for a look at the new 40th district.

I am looking forward to meeting the new folks in Jackson, Cannon, and Wilson County that will become the 40th State House District in November of this year. There will be many opportunities for us to meet when the 1112th General Assembly is complete. It is my prayer and hope that you, the voter, will give me the honor to work for and represent you.

Don’t forget to register to vote! Click HERE for voting information and dates from the Secretary of State’s website.


Coffee Conversations in the District Fridays at 8 am. These are informal gatherings where we discuss issues and policies. Your voice matters to me. I hope to see you at the table.

February Schedule:
First Friday Smithville- Son-Rise Grill
Second Friday Hartsville- Early Bird
Third Friday Carthage- Walton Hotel
Fourth Friday- Gallatin


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