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The Loop- State Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver

Greetings Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth!

We are well into three weeks of the second session of the 112th General Assembly along with bill filing deadline (2-2-2022) and The Governors State of the State proposed budget (52.6B) this past week, tempo is full speed ahead as legislation is assigned to their proper committees. To track policies of interest, The Tennessee General Assembly website is an excellent tool to watch live stream debate in both the Senate and the House, plus you can also take a look at legislation your Representative has filed for the second half of this session.

Click HERE for the Weekly Wrap highlights for the week of January 31, 2022.


I-40 Paving in Smith County

Winter Weather in Tennessee has played havoc on our roads throughout the state. Those of us who travel east and west daily on I- 40 have experienced chipped windshields due to flying gravel and asphalt pieces. Holding firmly to the “10 and 2” position on the wheel praying to hold the line in order to navigate the mass amounts of peeling asphalt and potholes. After meeting with TDOT on numerous road projects in the 40th district this past week, I am grateful for the quick response.  It appears the temperatures for next week will be above freezing so emergency resurfacing will remove those nasty potholes!

Emergency milling and paving is expected to begin Monday to repair multiple locations of deteriorating asphalt on Interstate 40 in Smith County. Click HERE for more information.

PROGRESS! Operation eliminate potholes.


Governor’s Volunteer Stars Award

Created to recognize outstanding volunteers from every county in Tennessee, Eden Daniel, a Smith County High School Junior has donated over 2 thousand hours of service to her school and community. Congratulations and thank you Eden for your dedication in making your world a better place by serving others. Every year 1.6 million Tennessee volunteers give over 137 million hours of service. Folks like Eden are the backbone of our communities and by their spirit of giving fulfill needs that would otherwise go unmet. These are true rock stars!



 Coffee Conversations on Friday Mornings at 8 a.m.

These are informal gatherings where we discuss issues and policies. Your voice matters to me. I hope to see you at the table.

Schedules for February

First Friday Son Rise Grill – Smithville

Second Friday Early Bird Café – Hartsville

Third Friday Walton Hotel – Carthage

Fourth Friday Good Morning- Gallatin


American Minute – J. Federer

American Minute with Bill Federer

Feburary 7th

Federick Douglas



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