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Why we banned Critical Race Theory

Your Tennessee General Assembly makes laws that protect the integrity of our state and defend those of us who are the most vulnerable. This time, the group in desperate need of defense is our children. A dangerous theory of thought is sweeping through our schools. You may have heard of it: Critical Race Theory (CRT).

CRT teaches our children that each of them is either inherently racist or inherently oppressed based on nothing but the color of their skin. This is a dangerous idea to be teaching 2nd graders.

Further being taught is that America’s institutions are designed solely to create and maintain social, economic and political inequalities between the “privileged” and the “minoritized.” There is no blind justice. There is no equality under the law. And, there is no free market. Equality of opportunity is no longer the goal in America under CRT. Instead, it is equity of outcome, which it deceptively calls “fairness.”

The tenants of CRT are based on the Marxist ideals of Critical Theory. Communist Karl Marx developed the idea of critiquing all societies as inherently racist and oppressive. There are the “privileged” and the “minoritized.” Not only are some people born with a better shot in life, but those with “privilege” inherently exploit others.

The intent is to divide. The intent is to make our children demonize each other and bear the mistakes of the past.  Have there been wrongs we have had to make right? Absolutely. But, our system of government is designed to give more power to the individual instead of the government so that these issues can be resolved. Tyrants do not control us, we control ourselves.

One step at a time, we as a nation crafted the Declaration of Independence, fought the Civil War and passed the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments, the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. America has the ability to change. We course-corrected our mistakes and should be proud of that. But, our strides as a country towards progress will no longer be accurately taught under CRT. This is why the General Assembly stepped in to defend your values.

House Bill 580 outlaws these kinds of teachings about CRT in Tennessee schools. If something is not in a Tennessee standard, it doesn’t make it to your child’s desk. Our children deserve to be individuals and grow up with a blank slate, not be discriminated against based on race. They should not be used as the guinea pigs of progressives or be taught to hate each other over the color of their skin. In Tennessee, we believe in the truth. We believe in equality of opportunity. We are proud of our history. Thanks to the 68 Republican yes votes in the General Assembly, we ensure the Tennessee of tomorrow will be proud of Tennessee today.

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