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State Representative Susan Lynn’s National Motto In The Classroom Act Advances In Committee Process

Initiative displays “In God We Trust” in prominent locations within schools

(NASHVILLE) — An initiative sponsored by State Representative Susan Lynn (R-Mt. Juliet) that calls for our national motto — “In God We Trust”— to be displayed in schools across Tennessee is advancing through the Tennessee General Assembly’s committee process.

On Tuesday, members of the House Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee voted to send House Bill 2368 to the full Education Administration & Planning Committee by a 5-1 vote tally.

The measure requires each local education agency to display “In God We Trust” in a prominent location within Tennessee’s schools. Currently, 19 states — including Arkansas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Virginia — have taken similar action to promote our national motto.

“In God We Trust” has served as the official motto of the United States since 1956. It first appeared on the two-cent penny in 1864 and on paper currency in 1957.

During his State of the Union Address in front of Congress last month, President Donald Trump reminded the nation’s lawmakers and all citizens that the foundation of American life is faith and family, not government and bureaucracy. That night, President Trump also emphasized to the congressional and national audience that our country’s motto has been and still remains “In God We Trust.”

“I am honored to sponsor passage of The National Motto in the Classroom Act because it will serve as a reminder to our students about the significant role that faith plays in our daily lives,” said Representative Lynn. “I appreciate the support this measure has received from members of the Education Administration & Planning Subcommittee, as well as my Republican colleagues, and I look forward to ensuring the bill’s passage in the weeks ahead.”

As part of the discussion on the bill Tuesday, Representative Lynn shared with subcommittee members that the measure does not bear any cost because a school’s art students could use donated supplies to create a display featuring our national motto. The motto could then be displayed next to other prominent historical documents on school property including the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

For additional information about House Bill 2368, please click here.

Susan Lynn serves as the Chairman of the House Consumer & Human Resources Subcommittee. Lynn is also a member of the House Consumer & Human Resources, House Finance Ways & Means and House Ethics Committee, as well as the Joint Fiscal Review Committee. She lives in Mount Juliet and represents House District 57, which includes part of Wilson County. Lynn can be reached by email at [email protected] or by calling (615) 741-7462.

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